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1959 cadillac Miller Meteor ambulance hightop

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1959 cadillac Miller Meteor ambulance hightop Empty 1959 cadillac Miller Meteor ambulance hightop

Message  corolere Dim 13 Avr 2014 - 18:35

Une High Top... j'ai beau regarder l'annonce et les photos, même s'il a payé l'auto plus de 20 000$ je vois pas dutout où il a foutu ses autres 35 000$ !!!  Sur 5 portes 2 rockers et 2 fenders... ???
1959 cadillac Miller Meteor ambulance hightop 00h0h_10
1959 cadillac Miller Meteor ambulance hightop 00l0l_10
1959 cadillac Miller Meteor ambulance hightop 00q0q_10
1959 cadillac Miller Meteor ambulance hightop 00y0y_10
1959 Miller-Meteor Cadillac Hightop Ambulance project. Serious offers only please.

This ambulance is a project vehicle, but its all solid metal and ready for sanding and paint. This is an exceptionally rare vehicle. Very few Hightops were made in 1959, and even fewer with round tunnel lights, as M-M was heavily promoting their square Saf-T-View lights in 1959. All of the difficult and expensive restoration work has already been completed by a professional restoration shop. Car is ready for prep and paint. The Ambulance has been in dry indoor storage for the last 10 years.

-The rocker panels were rusted away along the entire length of the car when purchased. Brand new rockers have been fabricated for both sides of the car. There is a light layer of surface rust on the exposed metal, but that will all go away when the car is sanded and primed for paint. There are no weak spots or rust through anywhere on the car that I'm aware of. Rockers and floors are all new solid proper gauge steel. I live in the desert, so very light surface rust is about all we ever get around here, and the car has been stored inside since I got it back from the shop that did the metal work for me.

-The rear fenders where the fender skirts mount were also rusted away, they have been repaired, and the fender skirts are present and in primer as well.

-The 4 side doors are all finished and in primer.

-The front fenders are done and also in primer.

-The interior in the front is all there. (The seat is getting brittle in spots, but its there and original so you have it for a pattern.)

-Floor pans are solid and in primer already.

-The Glass is all in good condition, including the curved glass windows in the rear of the car. (The curved glass in the back is actually harder to find then the windshields are)

-The windshield has one crack that runs across the top in the tinted portion. It doesn't leak or anything, but its noticeable which is why I tracked down a replacement. (The spare windshield IS included with the sale of the car.)

-I have red bulbs and the chrome trim for all 4 tunnel lights in the roof.

-The car has all 4 of the heavy duty commercial wheels, with the correct year Cadillac hubcaps.
-Tires are decent and hold air, but buyers should plan on replacing them just because they are older tires.
-I have the interior trim, door panels, hardware and assorted parts and pieces. Almost all of the parts were individually labelled by the shop on the part itself as to where it goes on/in the car.

-The car was running and was driven weekly when I started the restoration project, so it shouldn't take too much to get it running again.

-The factory rear step bumper is still on the car and in good shape.

-Front bumper, chrome and grille is in good shape.

-Exterior chrome trim is in good shape.

-Chrome rocker trim is present and in good shape.

-The engine, transmission and suspension are original to the car and should be numbers matching.

-Dual battery trays present, and Cole Hersee ambulance battery switch included. Wiring for second battery is NOT currently present.

-Rear passenger fender needs minimal smoothing. Major damage was already removed, and finish work should be simple and inexpensive.

-The interior of the rear of the car was removed when we purchased. It was a bare metal floor. I DO have door panels and trim panels for the back of the ambulance. I do not have the ambulance floor or any of the cabinets or ambulance specific hardware from the back of the car. The previous owners were going to convert the car into a limo so they removed the ambulance floor and cabinets prior to my purchase.

More photos available.

I have about $55K into the car and restoration to this point. And while I know that I'm not going to get all of that of that back, I'm also not interested in giving the car away. Its rare, and its solid, and all the expensive and difficult repairs have been done already. I AM willing to entertain reasonable serious offers for the car. '59's are the most desirable and collectible year for ambulances and hearses, and there are not many of these cars left. Hightop ambulances are even more difficult to find. Car is also listed elsewhere.

Serious offers only please. Cash only. Local pickup only. No trades, no paypal, no BS.

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1959 cadillac Miller Meteor ambulance hightop Empty Re: 1959 cadillac Miller Meteor ambulance hightop

Message  drcaron Lun 14 Avr 2014 - 7:55

il a du  tout calculer pour la restauration en plus des transport et entreposage du véhicule ,ce gars en vent une par année de ca  collection de plusieurs Miller Meteor 1959   et une réplique de ecto-1a .

1959 cadillac Miller Meteor ambulance hightop Fins10
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